Oman is an astounding country.  Divided into sections; 'mainland' Oman and the remote and mysterious Musandam Peninsula which is bordered entirely by the UAE, it has something for everyone. 

Our main challenge in Oman, Expedition Musandam, takes place in the Musandam Peninsula.  However, to ignore the rest of Oman would be remiss and whether you want to journey there for an adventure by itself, or add on a few days at the end of your challenge, we can take you there.  It is one of our favourite countries and its amazing people, spectacular scenery and lack of real tourism (away from the coast) keeps us going back time after time.

Oman highlights:

Visit Nizwa, the ancient capital at the crossroads of Oman;

Hike the 'Mountain of the Sun' to be rewarded with views of the Al Nakhr Canyon, Oman's very own 'Grand Canyon';

Swim in the clear waters of Wadi Bani Khalid then venture to a desert camp, dining on a specially prepared Omani feast beneath spectacular skies;

Discover hidden and ancient mountain villages, where the traditional way of life prevails;

Watch endangered green turtles emerge from the ocean at night to lay their eggs in the sand;

Experience the solitude of the desert by staying in a desert camp in Wahiba Sands;

Wild camp on the shores of a spectacular beach.


Time difference - GMT + 4

Flight time - 7hrs

Currency - Omani Rial

Capital - Muscat 

Expedition Musandam

Expedition Musandam

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