Meet Alfy, our expert on Uganda.

Alfy is passionate about his country and in particular, the positive role that responsible tourism can play in strengthening communities.  He works closely with social enterprises and charities which provide assistance to communities which are struggling, particularly in tourism zones.

Alfy loves showing travellers the little known parts of Uganda. When we were developing our unique Mount Elgon Summit itinerary, Alfy worked tirelessly to ensure that the logistics and route for our unique Mount Elgon Summit were absolutely spot on. 

His favourite place in Uganda in Murchison Falls as it has so much to offer.  There you can cruise down the Nile, take a walk up to the Falls themselves, then go on a game drive where you can  encounter, lions, leopards, elephant, giraffe and buffalo as well as incredible bird watching!

Alfy likes to take photographs in his spare time and he thinks that Uganda is one of the best places in the world to be able to do that. We agree!


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