Madeira is a spectacular, sub-tropical volcanic island, some 500 miles from Portugal, its parent country. In recent years, it has been a delight to watch it emerge as a ‘go to’ place for people seeking action, adventure and challenge, shrugging off its ‘elderly retreat’, slightly crusty image of the past.

Offering a whole lot more than cake, wine and Cristiano Ronaldo, you will be blown away by the experiences you can have here. The mild climate, stunning beaches and majestic land and seascapes provide many opportunities for adventure and quite simply, loads of fun.

Imagine if you could swim with dolphins, try your hand at stand-up paddle-boarding, toboggan through the streets of Monte (yes, really), paraglide above the clouds and finish off with wine tasting… all in 4 or 5 days! Yes, it can be done, all expertly crafted and tailored to you by Tribal Tracks.

We can’t put it better than H N Coleridge, nephew of the poet, who after a visit in 1825 said:

“I should think the situation of Madeira the most enviable on the whole earth. It ensures every European comfort with almost every tropical luxury.''


Madeira highlights:

Hurtle down the steep streets of Monte, in a carro de cesto, a wicker toboggan, piloted by two men dressed in white. A completely unique experience (and just a little bit bonkers).

Get your cetacean on and take to the sea on a whale and dolphin watching trip. This is a year-round activity because of the wealth of marine wildlife in the ocean surrounding Madeira.

Embrace a summit challenge. As a volcanic island, there are some decent mountains, with Pico Ruivo reaching the not inconsiderable height of 1862 meters.

Stand up paddleboarding is an exciting activity that we love. Swap one ‘plank’ for another to see whether your core strength is up to the challenge. Complete beginner to experienced, we have it covered, but be prepared to get wet!

Madeira is criss-crossed with a network of ancient irrigation canals called ‘levadas’. They make superb, ready-made walking paths, taking you through beautiful villages and spectacular scenery and even allowing you to enjoy a cheeky wine tasting en route.

If you want a real challenge, take to the air with a paragliding trip, soaring above the island for the best views possible.

Mountain biking is a brilliant activity in Madeira as there is plenty of rugged, rocky terrain. You don’t need to be an expert to enjoy exploring on two wheels as there will be something for everyone in your group.

Is running your passion? We can provide a pretty awesome challenge …. the Madeira Island Ultra Trail, a sea-to-sea trail race across the island, starting in Porto Moniz in the North and finishing in Machico in the south, crossing the highest mountain peaks in Madeira, Pico Ruivo and Pico do Areeiro. You can enter the mega 115 km trail, or ‘shorter’ circuits of 85 km for the ultra, 42 km for the marathon, or the 16 km for the mini.

If this all sounds a little too much, just relax and enjoy a traditional wine tasting experience, while sampling some culinary treats.


As there are so many options in Madeira, we will work with you to design a truly bespoke trip, unique to your group.  Here are a few sample itineraries to whet your appetite...


Time difference - GMT 

Flight time - 3hrs 45 mins

Currency - Euro

Capital - Funchal 


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