This is the ultimate trip for our more adventurous tribes who want something completely different.  While there are a range of options*, you will turn up at the airport with no more than an inkling of where you are going or what you are doing...

You tell us:

When you want to go;

How long you want to go for;

What you want the trip to achieve (for example: team bonding, leadership identification, rewards, exposure to new cultures or experiences, or simply luxurious relaxation);

A bit about your tribe.  Who is travelling?  What is the demographic?  What do they like doing?  What don't they like doing?

Your budget.

Then we do the rest!

We put together a trip, matching your specific requirements, and taking care of all the logistics, including providing packing lists, inoculations and visas if required. 

Contact us to discuss this group travel experience of a lifetime.

*Some groups prefer to know where they are going, but not what they are doing.  Or vice versa.  Alternatively, we can keep it all a secret until you tell us when you want it revealed.  Pre-trip bonding dinners are an ideal venue for this!

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