Our project based trips provide a unique opportunity for a group travel trip to Uganda, enabling you to ‘give back’ and make a small, but appreciated and effective difference to the amazing country you are visiting.

We make sure we visit the communities so we can see exactly where we can help and make a valuable contribution. While we don't have Bill Gates’ reserves to completely change lives, we can certainly help to improve them.  For example, ‘Project Goat’, essentially gifting goats to a school, is a simple concept but has a considerable long-tail impact.  The goats do not require any extra feed or special maintenance but they reproduce rapidly, allowing the school to sell some of them, usually in return for sugar or another useful commodity.  Getting to know the people of the communities we help is an amazing experience. Yes, they are poor, often living on a subsistence basis, but their unfailing happiness, politeness and humour makes you (or should make you) reflect.

All our project based group travel trips in Uganda can be sandwiched or book-ended with our other experiences.

Sample itinerary:

Project Uganda 

Days 1 & 2 – Fly to Entebbe (overnight flight) and then have the chance to explore this lovely lakeside town, soaking up the vibe that can only be African.

Day 3 – Meet the community you will be working with and participate in the welcome ceremony traditionally used to greet all visitors.

Days 4 & 5 – Carry out the project, getting to know the people and understanding more about their culture, environment and the challenges they face.

Day 6 – Travel to the Queen Elizabeth National Park for a wildlife safari and a boat cruise.

Day 7 – A day of chimp tracking beckons, and this unforgettable experience will round off your trip, before heading to Kampala for a celebration dinner.

Day 8 – Fly home

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