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Taking employees out of the office environment and into the outdoors changes the team dynamic, opening communication channels and inspiring creativity, honesty and free-thinking.  There is nothing like an evening spent around the camp fire, or under huge desert skies, to encourage discussion, lateral thinking and improve wellbeing as a whole. 

We understand that it is more important than ever before for companies to demonstrate their commitment to their values, employee well-being and society. A business is only as good as its people – and more than ever before, your people want real and meaningful experiences.

Our trips foster employee commitment, loyalty and dedication, while driving profitability, boosting morale, wellbeing, physical and mental health and reducing employee turnover.  In addition, you will build strong team dynamics within your staff, creating and solidifying relationships and enabling enhanced departmental cross-communication, while meeting CSR objectives and/or commitments.

Using only local guides and partners, we ensure that every trip ‘gives back’ and benefits the local communities.  A rewarding project based element, giving back to the areas where we travel, and promoting your company CSR objectives, can also be woven into our corporate group trips. The project can be aligned to your business area, or to your chosen charities, but is always sourced responsibly and after consultation with the communities we work with.

We provide a truly personal service, working with you to understand your needs, your budget and the specific team of people you want to travel. We create unique travel experiences tailored precisely to your budget, the demographic travelling and the outcomes you want to achieve. Our knowledge and superb network of in-country teams means that we can provide very specific itineraries, tailoring them to your precise goals. For example, we can work personal challenges into the trips to bond a particular group, or, as discussed above, an altruistic project based experience promotes feelings of unity, self worth and well being. 

Anything is possible - just ask.

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