You could explore all 17,000 islands, but it would take you over 46 years...

While this fascinating, diverse and breathtakingly beautiful country would warrant this, we are not suggesting that you go this far.  Instead, let us tailor-make a group travel trip for you to see South East Asia at its very best.  Active volcanoes, mysterious temples, cascading rice paddies, spectacular beaches, exotic and diverse wildlife, Indonesia has it all.  From Java to Bali, Lombok to Komodo, Flores to the Gili Islands, let Tribal Tracks take you to the land of dreams.

No matter what you want from your trip, Indonesia has something to offer everyone.

Indonesia highlights:

Exploring the flora and fauna of smaller islands on the way to Komodo Island, to see the feared Komodo dragon;

Immersing yourself in Yogyakarta, the cultural heart of Java, appreciating its rich history and flourishing arts scene;

Biking around Ubud, exploring the countryside and back alleys, favorite warungs (small, family owned restaurants/cafes), markets and Nyuh Kuning, a small village to the south of the sacred Monkey Forest;

The unmissable Borabodur temple on Java - Indonesia's very own Stonehenge.

Trekking up the spectacular volcano, Mount Bromo, in time for sunrise.

Chilling out in Canggu (pronounced 'Changoo'), the laid back, funky surf village on the shores of Bali. 

Trying to pick your favourite spot on the beautiful white beaches, crystal clear blue sea and multi-coloured reefs of the Gili-islands



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