Desert mountains.  Stony plateau, oases full of date palms, beautiful, sculpted dry Wadis. 

Dusky orange dunes rolling away towards the heart of Africa.  Camping under huge African skies at night, by day we trek with camels, experiencing the varied desert terrain.

Welcome to the setting for a very special expedition …a spectacular 100km trek through the Sahara Desert. They say that walking heals the soul, and this is certainly true on this adventure. Miles away from settlements, in the vast expanses of the Sahara, this challenging but accessible trek affords plenty of opportunity to ‘walk and talk’ away from the stresses, strains and pressures of everyday life, sharing stories, healing, learning, laughing, recharging. It affords a complete digital detox, and through connecting with others in similar positions, with experiences in common, promotes not only physical, but also mental well-being.

We trek between 12 – 25km per day, a total of 100km over 5 days. Fully supported by our local team, with camels and cameleers, we experience the varied terrain of the desert while also learning about the culture and customs of the people who choose to make their home here. The contrast of this poorer but simpler life, to our lives, is often an opportunity to pause and reflect and even learn. At night we camp in spectacular settings, laughing around the campfire or chatting in the cosy atmosphere of the warm and comfortable dining tent before settling down for a good night’s sleep under canvas, under vast African skies.

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