Berber history dates back to prehistoric times, and their way of life still remains blissfully simple.  Their sense of community, and strong family values is inspiring. Tribal Tracks has the privilege to be able to give your team a unique insight into the lives of the Berber villagers and share in their experiences.

We listen to the Village Elders when we plan our projects, with these meetings taking place over a traditional glass of fresh green tea which is poured at least one foot above the glass to give the all-important bubbles. There is plenty we can do to help the communities, ranging from simple repairs to vital irrigation channels, the construction of incinerators to help control the local rubbish (bin men certainly don’t come weekly in this part of the world!) or the construction of a cooperative building to give the local women a place to meet and work on projects. During your project, you will gain a unique insight into the Berber traditions; we can even teach you how to cook flat bread and make traditional sweets in this mouthwatering team building trip in Morocco.


Sample itinerary:

Day 1 – Arrive and explore the exhilarating city of Marrakech

Day 2 – Travel to the High Atlas Mountains, meet your project team and enjoy a welcome afternoon with the Berber villagers.

Days 3 & 5 – Begin Team Building Project Morocco! The project, and its precise nature will be tailored, depending upon the requirements of your team.  Do you want the team to work together, or for someone in particular to show initiative and develop their leadership skills?

Day 6 – After a successful project, take part in a farewell ceremony, say goodbye to your new friends, and return to Marrakech for a well-earned rest in a luxury Riad.

Day 7 – Return home, satisfied, and with a wealth of new friends and experiences.

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