This is a unique challenge with highly specialised technical, ex-military winter survival experts.

Learn the skills to survive in the harsh Nordic winter environment and then put them to use on an exciting operational phase, retracing the route of the World War II Heroes of Telemark. 

Unique to Tribal Tracks, this is a challenge with a real difference.  Divided into two distinct phases, in the first phase, you will be challenged to not only learn, but also to become competent in a variety of arctic skills including Nordic skiing, snow shoeing and survival techniques.  In the second, operational phase, we use the route taken by special forces operatives in 1943 to sabotage the German plant making 'heavy water' for use in atomic bombs, using the skills learned in the first phase.  

Day 1 – Arrive in Norway and head to the Setesdal Valley. 

Days 2 – 4 - Training Phase

Over the next three days you will be trained by specialist instructors in the Setesdal Valley,  at our winter centre close to the regional centre of Evje. It will be intense, including learning winter skills such as Nordic skiing, snowshoeing, survival techniques, making basic improvised shelters such as Quinzees and many more.  This will prepare the team for the final ultimate challenge.... Operation Sabotage. 

Days 5 – 6 -  Operational Phase

Now it is time to put the skills we have learned into practice!  We head north to the Hardanger Vidda and prepare to retrace the route taken by special forces in 1942 to sabotage the German plant at Vermok.  The team will be issued with white camouflaged clothing and receive full briefings before taking on the final challenge.  After completing the approach route, we then prepare to attempt the final phase - the gruelling uphill escape challenge - can you beat the record of 50 mins 26 secs?  On our final night together, the team will be presented with their Telemark Heroes Diploma and can enjoy a well deserved celebration.

 Day 7 – We depart Rjukan and transfer to Kristiansand for our flight home.

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