Uganda is wonderful country and is one of our favourite destinations.  

It is also home to an incredibly special group challenge...the Mount Elgon Summit Challenge.

There is an astonishing amount to do in Uganda, and before or after your Mount Elgon Summit Challenge, we can arrange for you to:

Trek to find mountain gorilla and track chimpanzee in Uganda’s unspoilt National Parks;

Experience a safari with a difference, travelling by boat and jeep through the spectacular Queen Elizabeth National Park;

Participate in a fascinating community project in a local school, getting to know the locals and understanding their culture;

Paddle across spectacular Lake Bunyonyi, believed to be Africa’s second deepest lake, in an unforgettable dugout canoe adventure;

Relax on one of the 84 islands making up the archipelago of the Sesse Islands, on beautiful Lake Victoria.


Time difference - GMT + 3

Flight time - 8hrs 20 mins

Currency - Ugandan Shilling

Capital - Kampala

Mount Elgon Summit

Mount Elgon Summit

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