Vietnam has a wonderfully diverse range of incredible culture, phenomenal history, natural wonders, unique adventures and relaxing beaches.

It is an amazing place to visit and is home to our Pu Luong Challenge, an extremely challenging adventure through wonderful scenery.  We recommend that you make the most of this fabulous country and enjoy a few days after your challenge to experience what it has to offer. You could journey from the elegant, French-influenced Hanoi to bustling Ho Chi Minh City, experiencing Vietnam's rich and complicated history and astonishing natural beauty. Or, head off the beaten track to explore the idyllic hidden valleys of the north, home to lush paddy fields and tiny villages, inhabited by warm and welcoming hill tribes. 


Immerse yourself in the megacities of Hanoi and Ho Chi Min, eclectic and hip, yet historically intriguing and brimming with culture.

Explore the hidden valleys of the north, travelling through dramatic landscapes and meeting the warm and welcoming hill tribes.

Give your taste buds a treat when you sample some of the world's most exquisite street food, then learn how to make it yourself.

Take to the water to view the impressive limestone archipelago which is the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Halong Bay. 

Enjoy the tranquil rivers the traditional way, hopping on board a Sampan to enjoy the lazy ride.

Travel way, way back in time to the prehistoric era and explore Vietnam's spectacular limestone caves. Then fast forward to the 20th century and journey through the tunnels which served as living quarters, supply routes and hospitals in the Vietnam war, testimony to the Vietnamese people’s formidable resilience.

Take some time out on serene beaches and simply relax.


Time difference - GMT + 7 hrs

Flight time - 11 hrs 5 mins

Currency - Dong

Capital - Hanoi

Pu Luong Challenge

Pu Luong Challenge

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