This is a wonderful trekking adventure through the eerily beautiful Wadi Rum in Jordan. 

This route, specially devised by Tribal Tracks takes you through the best scenery of the Wadi Rum, accessing remote areas visited by few, camping in stunning locations, summiting Jordan's highest mountain, Um Ad Dami, and concluding with a visit to Petra. 

The Challenge Highlights…

 Trekking between 22 – 25km per day in the majestic Wadi Rum (a World Heritage site);

Finding dramatic, hidden desert scenery, including sandstone domes, rock formations, and granite and basalt striated mountains;

Experiencing the Bedouin culture and cuisine;

Wild camping beneath spectacular desert skies;

Summiting Um Ad Dami, Jordan’s highest mountain;

Exploring the ancient city of Petra.

The Itinerary 

Day 1 - London to Aqaba

Departing London in the morning, we arrive into Aqaba in the late afternoon where we will be welcomed by our Jordanian team at the airport and transferred to our hotel. Aqaba is fringed with palm trees, lapped by the crystal-clear waters of the Gulf of Aqaba, cooled by a steady northerly breeze, and ringed by mountains that change in colour throughout the day.

 Day 2 – Aqaba to Wadi Rum – Seven Pillars of Wisdom – Um Fruth Bridge

After an early breakfast, we will leave our hotel by 0700hrs so that the team can be at the start of the trek for 0800hrs. 

Our trek starts at the Seven Pillars of Wisdom and the route takes us off the beaten track and through the Jbel mountain area.  We trek through the canyons and Siqs, (Arabic for ‘gateway’), enjoying the impressive landscapes. We will have lunch along the way at the halfway point.  Along our route we will pass the petroglyphs and inscriptions which are ancient drawings of humans and animals, thought to be instructions and messages to fellow travellers about the route and hidden springs.  We can enjoy a short stop at the famous Um Fruth bridge before we reach our camp for the night.

 23km in total, 8 - 9 hours trekking.

 Day 3 – Um Dami

We leave camp early so we can complete a long morning trek of approximately 18km, trekking over the vast flat plains and crossing over the dry river channel.  We head south towards Um Dami(1854m), Jordan's highest mountain. After a hearty lunch and a chance to rest our legs we set off on our mountain ascent. The first part of the ascent is steep and while we need watch our footing on the large boulders, this is not a technical climb and our guides will be there to help you.  It takes between 1.5 - 2 hours to reach the summit and we will be rewarded with views across the Wadi Rum and over to the Red Sea and south into Saudi Arabia.  After many photo opportunities under the ‘well worn’ Jordanian flag we descend to our camp at the base of the mountain.

Approx. 23km, 8 - 9 hours trekking

Day 4 – Um Ad Dami to the canyons

Leaving Um Ad Dami behind us we start our journey north towards the majestic canyons, surrounded by unbelievably vast, towering rocks.  As we head into the canyons we will need to negotiate a steady and sandy climb before we reach our lunch stop. We continue our journey and can enjoy climbing on the large rock in the centre of the plain where we can find the Bedouin dams.  We will be able to see our camp from a high viewing point with views across the valley floor. 

Approx. 22km, 8 hours trekking

Day 5 - Burrah Canyon

We continue to head north, passing through the Burrah canyons. The route takes us through the narrow canyon paths, and look out for the mushroom shaped rock on the route from camp to our lunch stop.  Tonight we will enjoy a special Bedouin meal, ‘Mansaf’, cooked by our desert team and learn a new way of eating!!!!

Approx. 15km, 6 hours trekking

Day 6 -  Lawrence Canyon

Today is the final day of our challenge and we continue to head north, passing through the Lawrence canyon. The route takes us through the narrow canyon paths,.  We pass the faces of TE Lawrence and King Abullah carved into the stones.  We finish our challenge in our stunning desert camp where we can enjoy a shower and a celebratory meal, experiencing the traditional 'Zarb' cooking and local music - watch out you may be asked to dance!!

Approx. 10km, 3 hours trekking

Day 7 - Ancient City of Petra

After a very early breakfast we say farewell to our desert crew and head to the ancient city of Petra.  Entering from the back entrance, we will have time to explore this fascinating Nabataean city dating back to 1st century BC.  We will meet for a late lunch in Petra and head onto Aqaba for our final night in Jordan. .

Day 8 – Aqaba and fly home 

After breakfast, we head to Aqaba airport for our flight home. 


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