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The past several years have seen an explosion in the number of group travel companies pretty much all doing the same thing.

As a result it has become paramount for something different and that's where Tribal Tracks have found a niche. Bespoke Group and Incentive travel.

The principle aim is to gain new enquiries from customers through the website, Our clients have 3 main target audiences, those looking for Incentive Travel, Private Group Travel and a luxury Club Travel experience. The website needs to look high end, professional and modern with a smooth user journey to ensure people understand what is being offered and quickly find what they want. The website needs to be fully mobile responsive, meaning the website can be viewed across multiple platforms and devices.

Our first point of call was to design the companies brand by starting with their logo. The logo had to work across different media types and be used as a branding tool. To start, we played on the two t's ending up by putting them on their side to give a subtle impression of a plane taking off to bring in the travel element. The two t's are placed in a map marker which can be used to show destinations throughout the brand. Finally, the brand colour was chosen as a mixture between blue and green which portrays calm, harmony and confidence.

The website is fully updatable by Webbed Feet’s CMS, the website is fast, flexible, easy-to-use and secure. The site managers have the ability to fully control the content of the web pages to ensure the content is kept up-to-date for their clients, and the news system allows for the regular posting of information which viewers will find helpful.

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