This is your chance to join  fellow supporters of WWTW on this incredible Mount Toubkal Summit challenge, taking place from 25 - 30 June 2023. 



Mount Toubkal (4167m) is the highest mountain in North Africa.  This incredible challenge will take you on a journey through the Toubkal valley, passing through terraced farmland and Berber villages, where you can immerse yourself in the stunning surroundings.  It will feel like stepping back hundreds of years and is a wonderful escape from the fast- paced lives we live in the UK.  At the summit, we will be rewarded with views in every direction, from the High Atlas peaks in the north and to the south, the Sahara, rolling far away to the heart of Africa.  On the final day, we will have time to explore Marrakech and its famous Medina, the walled medieval city, with buzzing souks (marketplaces) where we can try a little bartering.  This is a unique opportunity to share a fantastic experience with fellow supporters of WWTW, while challenging yourself and raising all-important funds for the charity.

Challenge highlights...

A six-day Mount Toubkal Summit Challenge trip to Morocco 

Acclimatisation trek followed by the summit of Mount Toubkal, 4167m

Fully supported trek with mountain guides, cooks and Tribal Tracks leader

Stunning High Atlas Mountains with views of the Sahara from the top!

Fundraising for WWTW

WWTW would be hugely grateful for your fundraising support. £988 could fund a course of therapy, giving a veteran the tools to support their mental health needs now and in the future. This is a course of 12 sessions, offered within ten miles of a veteran’s home (or online) and within ten days of referral. Support is also available for the family of a struggling Veteran.

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