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Meet Charlie, a director of, and one of the co-founders of Tribal Tracks.

Ten years as an Army officer in Royal Logistic Corps, then eleven years in the travel industry means that I have enjoyed some serious globe-trotting.

I have run from brown bears in the Great Lakes of Minnesota and honed my jungle survival skills in the tropical jungles of Borneo. I have been to over 25 different countries, met hundreds of different communities and designed gazillions (well, a lot) of group tours across the globe.

One of my best travel moments has got to be chimp tracking in Uganda, heading out with forest trackers in anticipation of finding a troop and being met with high pitched, shrill calls as they ran right in front of me. I am sure I heard them laughing as one of their fruit skins (thrown from the tree tops) narrowly missed my head.

My toughest experience was a winter attempt of Mt Toubkal, Northern Africa's highest mountain. The high winds and deep snow were highly challenging, but it was one of the most incredible shared experiences with a fantastic team.

My weirdest experience was having dinner on an adventure camping safari in Botswana and being surrounded by hyenas waiting to join us for pudding!! Not to forget eating deep fried cricket in Hanoi followed by jellyfish salad

My favourite place has to be the High Atlas Mountains of Morocco. It is the perfect place to escape to, stepping back in time to a simply stunning corner of the world.

I simply love travelling and I know the success of any tour has to be the planning and the detail before you go so that you can immerse yourself in the experience.

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