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Explore Turkey

Explore a fascinating part of this huge country, which straddles Asia and Europe.
Map of Turkey

Turkey Highlights

Turkey is a wonderful country, with a rich cultural and historical heritage, fabulous food, ancient sites and azure seas.  We take you to a little known part of it, but the rest of it is there to be explored.

Challenge yourself to scale a 5000m plus peak, the highest mountain in Turkey, and a great introduction to the world of much higher altitude.

Explore the heritage and lore of a fascinating area, close to the Armenian and Iranian border.

Visit ancient archaeological sites, linked to Noah and the Bible.

Enjoy wonderful local food in guesthouses, and also while on the fully supported trek.

Trips to inspire

Turkey Trips

Charity Trip
View this trip - Mount Ararat Summer Summit

Turkey, Europe

Mount Ararat Summer Summit

9 Days

Areas & Highlights


Some of the things you can expect to experience in our Turkey Trips


Wild Camping

Experience sleeping under canvas, in the most beautiful, wild, locations.


Trekking at Altitude

Challenge yourself to reach new heights on a high altitude trek.


Star Gazing

No light pollution leads to amazing night time skies.


Local Culture

Find out about the local communities you are trekking through; their customs, religion, believes and cuisine.

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