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Explore Japan

Superb trekking intertwined with immersive, cultural experiences in the Land of the Rising Sun.
Map of Japan

Japan Highlights

Japan is a new destination for us and we are sure it will become a firm favourite.  It is famous for its incredible culture and food and exposure to both of these elements is woven throughout our trekking experiences here.  The scenery is unexpected, incredibly beautiful, and crowned by Japan's highest mountain, Mount Fuji at 3,776m. Further to the north are the Northern Japanese Alps which have wonderful mountains of just under 3000m. And Tokyo - an experience in itself!

Visit beautiful ancient castles and shrines, and learn about shinto and Japan's spiritual side.

Experience the tranquil beauty and raw peaks of the Northern Japanese Alps.

Trek to the summit of Japan's highest mountain, Mount Fuji, learning about its importance to the cultural and spiritual identity of Japan, but also what it brings to the eco systems surrounding it.

Visit the bright lights and bustle of Japan's biggest city and its capital, Tokyo, home to 13.5 million people (and 32 million in the metro area).

Venture further afield to visit the ancient and beautiful capital, Kyoto.

Hop on the shinkansen, Japan's famous bullet train for a speedy experience.

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Japan Trips

Charity Trip
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Japan, Asia

Go Japan!

10 days

Areas & Highlights


Some of the things you can expect to experience in our Japan Trips


Mount Fuji

Conquer Japan's iconic and highest mountain (3776m).


Wasabi Farm

See how wasabi is grown and taste the fresh root, or maybe even wasabi ice cream.


Matsumoto Castle

Visit one of Japan's rare, authentic and unrestored castles.


Japanese Cuisine

Sometimes challenging, but always delicious, Japanese cuisine is so much more than just sushi.



Experience the bright lights and sheer energy of Japan's capital city.


Bullet Train

The Shinkansen - a real bucket list experience.


Trekking at Altitude

Challenge yourself to reach new heights on a high altitude trek.



Visit fascinating Buddhist and Shinto shrines.


The Japanese Alps

Home to the wonderful Ginza Panorama trail.

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