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Lynsey is requested time and time again by our repeat trekkers.  She is a full time mountain leader based in the North East of England.

After a varied career history (journalist, nanny, business co-ordinator, high ropes technician, data analyst, volunteer co-ordinator and project manager), Lynsey's love of the outdoors became her focus and she has now been in the outdoors industry for 15 years.

Lynsey is a full time mountain guide and expedition leader and she seizes every opportunity to head off and explore somewhere new. Teaching them skills such as how to lace up hiking boots correctly, set walking poles and even basic bushcraft, she loves nothing better than leading our groups on amazing adventures. Lynsey is hugely popular with our teams: she always seems to know the right time to crack a joke to spur the team on, and is hugely empathetic. She is an absolute whizz at feet care and baulks at nothing - in fact, she has gained a reputation as 'blister popper extraordinaire'.

Lynsey has travelled extensively whether it be a 10 day trek with a group, a month long project and adventure holiday with school teams, a 30 day solo to really give herself a challenge (she is currently walking the whole of the Jordan Trail) or a 2 week kayak holiday exploring the islands and coastline of Europe.

While any time spent outdoors or soaking up a new culture and environment is special to Lynsey, some of her favourite experiences involve close encounters with wildlife....hiding up trees from a rhino in Nepal, a troupe of monkeys ransacking her jungle hut and stealing all of her food in Borneo, carrying a backpack full of tins of sardines and treats to feed stray dogs in India, swimming with sharks and seals in the Galapagos, hanging out with elephants in Thailand to study their foraging behaviours....she really needs to write a book!

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