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We are proud to be working with all sizes of charities across the UK, providing a solution to fundraising and cause promotion. 

Here is what you need to know about our trips:

They raise substantial funds for charities and are an easy solution to meeting your fundraising targets.   On one of our trips in 2019, 28 supporters raised £57,000 and counting.

The trips require very little input from you and create almost no extra work. You publicise the trip, then we take over: we do the work so you don’t have to.

There is no risk to charity funds and no spend required.

Our charity challenges are designed specifically for your charity.  Some other companies run trips where supporters of different charities join a pre-arranged trip.  We don't do this.  We have seen the benefits of uniting new and old supporters over a single common cause.  The trips become a platform to create and retain long-term supporters, leading to commitment, repeat fundraising and ambassadors for your cause. They generate amazing publicity, solely for your charity, which in turn leads to more supporters.  See the benefits first-hand and get a taste of one of our trips (the Sahara Challenge) by viewing our video here.

As each trip is bespoke, we can incorporate experiences unique to your charity.  Do you want to visit a charity doing similar work to you in a different country, to learn what they are doing and share knowledge and contacts?  Or do you want your supporters to help the communities we travel to by working with them on a useful project?  We pride ourselves on our local knowledge and we work hard to make these experiences special and memorable for every supporter involved.

We offer flexible funding solutions designed to suit your charity and your supporters.  

As with all of our trips, our charity trips also give back to local communities as we only use local teams - this is one of our core values and is very important to us.

You and your supporters will experience exceptional levels of service from start to finish, with a named, dedicated Tribal Tracks advisor to each trip.

Our exciting, fresh destinations and experiences attract supporters perhaps a little tired of the standard charity challenge trips.

Our trips really work, and you can find out the detail of how they work by clicking here.

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